About Us

Accessibility Affects Everyone

Our company began in 2010 when we contracted with the US Forest Service to create videos showcasing accessible recreation facilities in the Pacific Northwest.  

Since then, we have evolved to include businesses, sporting venues, promotion for cities and towns, any location, indoors or outdoors that you need to show accessibility.

Accessibility is for everyone!  Parents with children in strollers, those of us with permanent ability limitations and baby boomers, for themselves or caring for an elderly parent, and  

Hosted by Media Personality John Williams

John is a radio and tv personality from Portland, Oregon.  Before Wheelchair Destinations he entertained thousands of listeners daily on his successful morning show.  He continues to work as a voice actor an on-camera talent.

John's personality, wit and knowledge of accessibility make him the perfect host to showcase the accessibility of your business.

In a short time Wheelchair Destinations has been the recipient of numerous awards and featured online, on television, radio, and in magazines.

It's Good Business

  • According to US Census, 1 in 5 Americans have mobility disabilities.
  • People in wheelchairs and other mobility challenged folks spend over 13 BILLION DOLLARS each year on travel.
  • Wheelchair Destinations is a series of videos that show in great detail the accessibility of your business or attraction.
  • Wheelchair Destinations features spectacular cinematography, music, and visual along with accessibility information.
  • Wheelchair Destinations is UTTERLY UNIQUE in its concept…a powerful medium to reach those with accessibility issues…and their traveling companions.